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Your Soma Practitioner


Washington State Department of Health:

Massage Practitioner License

Intraoral Massage Endorsement

Soma Institute of Neuromuscular Integration:

SOMA Practitioner Certification

Somassage® Certification

Katie herndon

Katie Herndon is a Licensed Massage Practitioner in Seattle, Washington. She completed her training at the Soma Institute for Soma Neuromuscular Integration. A lifelong athlete and professional performer, Katie has always been inspired by the complexity and magnificence of the human body.

After years of searching for effective treatments for chronic back pain from gymnastics, Katie was referred to a Soma practitioner. After her first session she knew she had finally found her answer. The profound effects of this work motivated her to become a practitioner and share the joy of Soma - a pain free life and a mindful existence with the world.

Katie graduated with her Bachelor of Science in International Business and Spanish from Azusa Pacific University, and decided to move back to Washington in the hopes of starting her own business. In a chance turn of events, this move led her into the world of circus and performing arts. Still an instructor and performer, Katie continues to utilize her knowledge of movement and dynamic anatomy to better inform her work. 


Self Statement

"Soma has changed my life, not only in a physical sense but in a way that has completely transformed my view of the world and my place in it. The body and mind, emotions and movement patterns, are so intimately connected that sometimes we fail to see the power we have over ourselves and our development."

"As a previous client I have found this work to be the single most-effective method in dealing with chronic back pain and fatigue. The results are long lasting and the process is life-changing."

-Katie Herndon



"As an acrobat, I injured my neck badly a little over 3 months ago. I was fortunate enough to have Katie treat me with the first three sessions of the series, and noticed a big difference in mobility. My body seemed less stiff and more at ease. I wish I had been in Seattle long enough to finish the whole series of treatments to see how the overall result would of been. However, I highly recommend Soma therapy, and getting treated by Katie." –Randy Hobbs (professional circus artist)