Soma is most effective as a series of sessions; however clients also have the option of choosing Somassage®, or Treatment work.


The series


Most clients experience Soma through the series. This is the most effective form of treatment because of the way in which we are able to access and work deeply on every part of the body, yielding longer lasting results and balancing the body as a whole. The series works to release, lengthen and integrate connective tissue systematically throughout the body; starting with the outermost layers, and working inward. In going through the series, clients will receive specific physical treatment, informational readings, and postural exercises designed to optimize the effectiveness and longevity of the work.

Below is a brief description of the sessions within the series.


Session 1 – Breathing & Ribcage

This session focuses on increasing the breath and opening up the diaphram. The result is relaxation, increased range of motion in the shoulders and chest, a sense of levity and uprightness in the body, and better breath capacity

session 2 – Grounding & lower legs

Session 2 improves connection to the ground through increased sensation in the feet, differentiation and ease in the lower legs, new found motivation, and less locking of the knees

session 3 – Sidelines

This session focuses on lengthening the sidelines, working on the intercostals to further improve breathing and shoulder mobility, freeing the lumbar spine and QL and increasing energy

sessions 4-6 – Core: adductors, abdominals, & back line

These sessions bring attention to the core line, enhancing awareness of the stabilizing muscles, freeing the pelvis, allowing better ability to walk and utilize the psoas. There tends to be increased stability and self identity resulting from this session.

Session 7 – Head & Neck

Decreases tension in the neck and shoulders, bringing the head back over the spine and increasing range of motion in the shoulders and head. It results in relaxation, opening of the breathing pathways, and alleviating tension in the jaw via intraoral and nasal work.

Sessions 8-10 – Integration

These sessions build on the differentiation of the previous sessions by reconnecting the body to movement pathways and bringing all the pieces back together to form an optimally functioning whole. Session 10 specifically focuses on resetting the joints to better orient the body in space.

Session 9.5 – arms

Although this session is not an integration session, it takes place between sessions 9 and 10. This session focuses specifically on the arms, releasing and lengthening fascia, and allowing them to hang with ease as part of the upper body. 



Somassage® is a lighter version of the work, more similar to traditional massage, that can be done as a single session. This can be an excellent introduction to the work and can also be valuable in maintaining the work for those who have been through the series. Athletes, and those who demand a lot from their bodies, or those who suffer from chronic physical conditions, can utilize Somassage® as a regular part of their self-care.


Treatment work is designed to address immediate issues and alleviate acute pain. This form of work targets specific areas and works to relieve pain as well as address some pieces of overall balance in the body. Though this work can be very effective it may not yield as long term results as those going through the full series.



Intraoral/Internasal Work

Session 7 focuses specifically on the head and neck. During this session we work on opening up the jaw and sinuses by working inside the nose and mouth. This session can be done on its own as a treatment session and is excellent for clients experiencing headaches, neck tension, and TMJ.


Movement Training

In addition to being a bodyworker and professional athlete, Katie Herndon currently works as an acrobatics and aerial coach at Emerald City Trapeze Arts in Seattle. While not everyone is capable of flying through the air with the greatest of ease, everyone is capable of improving their physical well-being and overall fitness. Through Soma many clients will notice profound changes in their body and movement ability. For those willing to take the next step in fitness, Katie is available for private lessons in exercise and physical training. Whether your goal is overall strength and flexibility, or you want to do a standing back flip; getting quality instruction is the first step to success.