Performing & Teaching

As an international circus artist and instructor, I believe in being engaging, reliable, and inspiring. My background in gymnastics and the diversification of my aerial and acrobatic skills makes me unique as a performer and insightful as a teacher. For a full act video or specific skills videos please Contact me.

Aerial & Acrobatics performance

Aerial & Acrobatics performance


I am available for individual shows, performances and collaborations as well as long term and seasonal contracts.


Performance Guidelines

Rigging: solid point with a minimum height of 18' for silks or rope

Aerial Silks Act: 4-6 minutes, adaptable music and costume changes for shows

Ambient aerial (rope, silks, sling, straps, hoop) : 5-15 minutes

Acrobatics, Hand-to-hand, Dance, and Other varietal skills please contact for more information

Learn, grow, and improve at your own pace!

Learn, grow, and improve at your own pace!

Private Lessons

I am currently an advanced aerial and acrobatics instructor at Emerald City Trapeze Arts in Seattle. I love working with motivated individuals to improve their skills and refine technique in straps, tumbling, silks, strength and flexibility, and partner acrobatics. Rates for privates are dependent on the number of students, lesson length, and skill level. Contact me for details.

Partner acrobatics, Silks, Tumbling, Cross training

Partner acrobatics, Silks, Tumbling, Cross training


Workshops and miniseries are an excellent way to focus on specific skills and combinations.

If you are having an event, or are interested in hosting either a workshop or miniseries for any of the categories above, please contact me.